We Transform agricultural waste into new materials

At Waste LAB, we create compostable materials from the by-products of sugar beet processing. 

By-products generated during sugar production are one of the largest waste products in Polish agricultureOur materials are formed into items such as packaging and production pots as an alternative to non biodegradable plastics. The production process is based on a circular economy principles.


Many everyday disposable items are made from durable and imported materials, but they could (and should) be produced from local, non-toxic and biodegradable substances.

It is also an attempt to demonstrate the potential of organic waste material which is currently useless.

Thanks to technology and tools developed for plastics, raw materials are shaped into a whole range of diverse products –  vessels, packaging, building
materials and leather-like materials.

Rational waste management is one of the challenges of modern industry.

It is important to manage a production in such a way as to guarantee the exploitation of renewable raw materials while managing all by-products and created waste streams.


The components we use are completely natural and do not cause an environmental burden. If our product is treated as waste, thanks to works of microorganisms and due to natural processes, it will again become part of nature.